What is LDBF?

Livramento Delgado Boxing Foundation (LDBF), a non-profit organization focused on helping those affected by movement challenges.  Since the organization was originally founded with its flagship boxing program, it has expanded its outreach to include other movement challenges, specifically Parkinson's Disease, Young Onset Parkinson's Disease & Multiple Sclerosis.


LDBF is located in Sandy Springs, Georgia within The Walter and Estelle Strauss Wellness Center.

The LDBF mission is to enhance and potentially prolong the lives of people with Parkinson's Disease, Young Onset Parkinson's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis; with the goal of slowing disease progression, lessening symptom severity, enhancing safety, prolonging independence, encouraging socialization and promoting physical, emotional and cognitive well-being.

Livramento Delgado Boxing Foundation (LDBF) Boxing
Livramento Delgado Boxing Foundation (LDBF) Boxing kitty pose
wellness center Livramento Delgado Boxing Foundation (LDBF) Boxing
yoga stretch Livramento Delgado Boxing Foundation (LDBF) Boxing
Boxing practice Livramento Delgado Boxing Foundation (LDBF)
Livramento Delgado Boxing Foundation (LDBF)
Boxing training Livramento Delgado Boxing Foundation (LDBF)
Physical Optimization Livramento Delgado Boxing Foundation (LDBF)
Boxing for Parkinson's Livramento Delgado Boxing Foundation (LDBF)

Support Our Mission

As a 501 (c)(3) non- profit organization, LDBF Exercise & Wellness cannot support its programs and services solely on membership fees but depends on the generosity of individual and corporate donors. There are no other programs like this in Atlanta, especially the much needed MS Exercise & Wellness program. We need your support to both sustain it and help it grow!

No donation is too small, and every dollar donated is fully tax deductible and goes directly to the organization to develop new classes, work with the best certified trainers, offer educational programming – all of which directly improves the lives of those living with Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s, their caregivers, and families.

Please reach inside your hearts and help us continue to help those dependent on our programs and services for their well-being.

Together, we can fight this!

Free Educational Workshops

Our partners sponsor our free educational workshops for our members, caregivers, & the community.

Click on a day or an event to learn more!